FSR011 - Abuse of Substance "Substance Abuse EP​.​"

by Fucking Scam Records

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Maximum RockNRoll Record Of The Week (June 2nd, 2015) AbuseOfSubstance EP - Holy fucking shit, this is like manna from heaven for dirt-dumb pogo punk fans. Edmonton’s ABUSE OF SUBSTANCE are ’90s drunk punk to the core, clearly influenced by Japanese masters like TOM & BOOT BOYS and DISCOCKS but closer in spirit and style to the Pogo Attack compilation bands. I’m talking the BRISTLES, I’m talking BANNER OF HOPE, and I’m definitely talking about the motherfucking CASUALTIES. The busy, melodic bass gives the sound a hint of early DEFIANCE as well. 1-2 drumming, 1-2 solos and great WRETCHED ONES gravel-and-whisky lead vocals round out the package. It’s not all for fun though — there is a definite edge to these dudes. Not sure if I’m entirely on board with their pro-violence “Punx Are Mean,” but hopefully that’s all bark and no bite, like the adorable bulldog featured in the back-cover band photo. I’d say “Don’t let the shitty pixelated cover fool you,” but that shitty pixelated cover is a pretty good indicator of the what’s contained herein. These punx don’t know about fuckin’ computers, they know about beer, shitty jobs and getting railed on whatever they can find and shove up their noses (plus, having a shitty pixelated cover is totally ’90s). If you have any, and I mean any kind of soft spot for ’90s street/drunk punk, you need this fucking record in your life - Andrew

Razorcake Review (July 2015) - Three- piece drunk-ass street punk from Edmonton, AB, CA. Hard, dirty, and pissed. If a fight breaks out at a party, these dudes probably started it. Just by looking at this record you know exactly what you are in for. From the cheetah print and Casualties- looking font on the cover to the band pic with brick on the back, it looks exactly like what it sounds like. - Jackie Rusted


released August 20, 2016



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